Ale Auteur is a hobby turned into a wild obsession. I have been in the beer industry for the last nine years and Ale Auteur started as a way to document my beer adventures from my iPhone. One day a good friend of mine who is a photographer made fun of one of my dark blurry iPhone photos. The next day I decided to ditch the phone and pick up my camera. The rest is history that can now be viewed in an archive of photos. When I'm not exclusively drinking beer, taking pictures of beer, standing in line for beer, traveling for beer, buying beer, or admiring my beers in my cellar you can find me beating my friends at corn hole, doing something outdoors, exploring with my wife, fine dining, watching films, globe trotting, listening to music, viewing art, all of which, are probably with a beer & a camera (Canon EOS 7D). So essentially beer is ubiquitous for me. If you really want to get to know me, head over to @aleauteur on Instagram to stay up to date on my beer musings. 

Feel free to hit me up for a trade, a drink, or to inquire about photo opportunities by reaching out to me below. 

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